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  1. I’d sign up, but I want to see the monkey cops raid his apartment instead of the electric charge. Mild electric corrections are soo 2005.

  2. Zod? Zod!?

    Is this some kind of statement about worshipping at the altar of the Military-Industrial complex? Because I can think of much more powerful deities than General Zod; Kal-el (Superman) for one.

    Methinks you need a refresher course in Kryptonic mythology.

  3. Hey, I actually like Cavanaugh. The only way I’m signing up is if Nick agrees to remove the electrodes.

  4. But since I ALREADY obsessively check the Reason web site 34 times a day to see what I might be missing, this would just be additional e-mail to delete. So I’m covered without it. 🙂

  5. Semi-Off Topic: Would it be possible to have an H&R thread for the daily brickbat too, much the same way Reason articles are linked? For example:

    A Venezuelan court has sentenced Carlos Ortega to 15 years in prison for inciting civil unrest. Ortega, a former union leader, was convicted for his part in leading a two-month strike of the nation’s oil industry that began in 2002.

    I must say I find it terribly ironic that Venezuela of all places is putting union leaders in prison, and not for a short symbolic stay either mind you.

    That said, I personally think that government employees should not have the right to strike. They are not working for a for-profit company that may be engaged in ruthless, exploitative greed. (Leftist jargon is not mine, mind you, just what I am parroting. I think what the poor need most is to be more exploited, not less). Public employees work for the people, and as such, if they don’t like the wages the people offer, they have no right to try to extort the people to try to get above-market wages.

  6. Hey, I actually like Cavanaugh. The only way I’m signing up is if Nick agrees to remove the electrodes.

    How do you know I’m not into it? Electroshock is part of my benefits package.

  7. I follow the RSS feed for Hit and Run, so no real need.

  8. Tim, that cracked me up!!!!

  9. Nick, you realize, of course, that by advertising this service, everything you say must be true under the FTC Act. Which means that your joke about Tim should, nay, must become a cruel reality. In fact, you may have to shock him an extra time to ensure compliance with California’s law governing unfair and deceptive practices.

    As for General Zod, it’s probably worth bringing up (again) his campaign for president.

  10. I follow the RSS feed for Hit and Run, so no real need.

    Same here. I remember a couple years ago I thought RSS was a silly idea. How stupid of me…

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