Warrants? We Don't Need No Stinking Warrants!


When two strangers tried to force their way into his Baltimore home, David Scheper slammed the door on them, called 911 and grabbed a gun as they smashed in the glass in his door. That was his big mistake. It turns out the two men were Baltimore detectives, and Scheper was charged with illegal discharge of a firearm. The detectives, who Scheper said didn't identify themselves as police officers, were looking for a housemate Scheper had kicked out weeks earlier. They didn't have an arrest warrant or a search warrant when they first tried to enter his home. But they did get a search warrant around two hours after arriving at his home. Prosecutors later dropped charges against Scheper. But he still hasn't gotten back guns, personal records and $1,440 in cash seized by the police. Nor has be been compensated for the $3,700 in damage to his home he says the police caused.