Tim Kaine, RIP


Thirty seconds into Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine's response to Bush's SOTU and I think it's already time for the hook. Part of my reaction is the colonial parlor backdrop.

NEXT: It Is Yang Worship Word. You Will Not Speak It.

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  1. I like colonial. I think it’s charming, though it does contrast, somewhat, with his “missionary” background.

  2. and what was with the fucking eyebrow? i couldn’t pay attention to a word the man said, just that left eyebrow creepily raised.

  3. How many times did he say “there is a better way”… it’s got this eerie subliminal quality to it. At one point, he sounded like he just tossed in “there’s a better way” in the middle of a sentence.

    The guy might be a nice guy, but he needs some speech lessons.

    Of course, it doesn’t seem that’s a requirement for any office in the government.

  4. nah, there’s no alien lizards running our government, these are normal, run of the mill, meet on the streeet kind of dudes.

  5. He spoke…

    As if…

    He was reading…

    From cue cards.


    It was…

    Really annoying.

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