And the Secret Ingredient… Smilex!


Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has obviously been prepped for the Democratic response by whatever misguided bastard instructed Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to adopt the demeanor of blissed-out cult leaders with creepy rictus grins locked on their faces. Someone get James Carville up there.

NEXT: Is that the haunting ping-ping-ping of Sputnik?

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  1. Oh boy, now we get to hear “the better way”…

  2. The better way is to restrict corporate profits to encourage energy companies to invest in more production, which btw is generally prohibited by the environmental lobby, with money they no longer will have in order to reduce energy prices. Glad to see the Dems are still economic geniuses I remember them to be.

  3. You mean the Democrat Party is not a creepy suicide cult? You could’ve fooled me.

  4. As far as I can tell (being a Virginian), that’s his standard look–sort of a leprechaun gene. And that eyebrow just won’t go down!

  5. Strange cadence, too…

    no pauses between sentences here

    …spending to our children and grandchildrenThere?s a better way.

    …helping get their children through collegeThere?s a better way.

    but strange pauses throughout.

    Not presidential material, right? But then again, look at GWB.

  6. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi’s creepy rictus grins

    Well, you can’t find an actual picture of the notorious grin of Mr. Sardonicus on the internet, I suppose those two can serve as a weak substitute until someone FINDS THAT DAMN PICTURE OF MR. SARDONICUS! YOU REALLY GOTTA SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT.

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