The President's Speech Is Missing…


…well, more like unfinished like the Sistine Chapel. It'll be done when it's done, reports The New York Times in this profile of William McGurn, the Bush admin hand charged with crossing the i's and dotting the t's:

"He'll say, 'Get it out, it doesn't follow,' " Mr. McGurn said. The president, never known for his elocution, does have clear ideas of how a speech should sound—no fat, no repetition, no meandering. "He's not big on anecdote," Mr. McGurn said. "He really wants to make it on an argument."

Whole thing here.

Incidentally, McGurn penned the excellent–and heartbreaking–1994 Reason story, "A Tale of Two Countries: Hong Kong, the Philippines, and protectionism's human toll", which reveaed the stupid policies that led to so many mothers from the Philippines working as domestics in Hong Kong.