L.A. Times Takes the Piss Out of Matt Welch


Matt Welch sells out:

I'm generally the kind of smart-ass who bristles at being told what to do (like registering for the "Selective" Service at 18, which I selected not to); and for the last few years I've worked at the libertarian Reason magazine, the kind of place where senior editors write books called "Saying Yes."

Yet there I was two weeks ago, handing my warm yellow beaker to the urine analyst ("Your temperature is nice," she said, clearly trying to soften the blow). So, presented with the lure of an interesting job, did I abandon my libertarian principles even faster than the Gingrich revolution?

Well, yes…

Somewhere in cyberspace, a reader is preparing to comment that the Times should have the right to require anything it pleases as a condition of employment, from peeing in a jar to rooting for the Dodgers. Comment away—but first read Jacob Sullum's 2002 article on the roots and rationales of the urine-testing craze.