Pardon My Portugese Pop


Reader Ryan Posly points us to this effort by Portugal to enter the 20th century (at long last!) by decreeing that the nation's radio stations must play at least 25 percent local pop or suffer the consequences:

Foreign pop and rock dominate the airwaves in the nation of 10 million people. The local music scene is best known for its traditional fado melodies—a kind of blues accompanied by a lute-like guitar—but also has a growing number of pop bands.

The measure gained cross-party support as a way of defending the national music industry as well as Portugal's identity in a 25-nation European Union….

In 2005, only 7 percent of stations' music was Portuguese while local music represented a quarter of music sales.

Feh on fado, but it could be worse: "It is similar to a rule in France, which requires 40 percent of music to be French." And the informal rule on dinosaur rock stations, which require 40 percent of all music to be Stones, Zeppelin, and Who.

Whole Portugese saga here.