Global Warming Worse for Blacks and….


There is the old joke that the New York Times is so knee jerk politically correct that if the world were about to be destroyed by an asteroid that it would run a headline reading, "World to End Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hit Hardest." In a similar vein, is running a story headlined, "Global Warming Could Spell Disaster for Blacks." The article notes,

Citing Katrina as a case-in-point, some environmentalists say global warming impacts minorities and the disadvantaged harder than other groups. If global warming gets worse, many African-American communities will be more vulnerable to breathing ailments, insect-carried diseases and heat-related illness and death. But asking Black folks to give up gas-guzzling SUV's and other bling is a tough sell.

Whatever the risks posed by global warming, it should be noted that if more black folk had had gas-guzzling SUVs, more of them could have gotten out of New Orleans before Katrina crashed the levees.

Hat tip to David Ridgely for the link.