Who Killed the Kennedy?


The Warren Commission said it was a lone gunman, the Rolling Stones sang that it was you and me, Oliver Stone pretty much fingered LBJ.

Now a German filmmaker claims it was Castro:

"We found direct witnesses, former officers of the Cuban state security, who knew about the contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald," [Wilfried] Huismann, who spent three years researching the film, "Rendezvous With Death," told Deutschlandfunk radio in an interview on Wednesday.

(Note: German Funk Radio? Is that available via satellite?) Whole thing here.

But wait, in the recent Kennedy assassination book, A Farewell to Justice, Joan Mellen digs through recently declassified docs and presents compelling evidence that Oswald was a CIA, FBI, and Customs asset–and a hyper-anti-commie in deep cover. (Full disclosure: Mellen is a former professor of mine.)

So which is it? Oswald as patsy or gunman? And what did Peter "I want to send a Candygram" Lawford know?