Blow Smoke in Their Eyes


Well, the tobacco nannies have had their way in Spain, and it seems all but inevitable that D.C. is now poised to protect the inalienable God-given right of each (non-smoking) citizen to walk into any bar he pleases and dictate terms to the owner. But if you're at least inclined to rage against the dying of the cigarette's light, you can go vote in NBC's poll against the new resolution. Note that at least Spain's ban has some wiggle-room for smoking sections physically isolated from the rest of the bar or restaurant. The D.C. banners haven't been interested in any one of a number of intuitively appealing compromises that would've ensured plenty of non-smoking choices for patrons and workers alike—because at the end of the day nobody really believes this has anything to do with protecting workers, and for the hardcore activists, it isn't even about the petty but widespread desire to go to the exact place you want without dealing with smoke, but rather about socially stigmatizing all those poor, sick, nicotine-stained wretches.