25 Years Ago in Reason


"It's easy to understand the euphoria felt by our conservative friends and colleagues at the Reagan landslide….At the same time, however, we share the concern of many libertarians over what else the election may signify:

? A political debt to the New Right/Moral Majority crowd, which could mean setbacks for the legitimate rights of women, homosexuals, and others to equality before the law.

? A runaway defense budget, responding to widespread perception of military inadequacies by the usual government expedient of throwing money at the problem.

? Increased risk of war, brought on by an increased tendency for the U.S. government to intervene in local crises around the globe."

–Robert Poole Jr., "What Kind of Mandate?"

"Suppression of cryptography in the vain hope of keeping its results from widespread use can only further debase the coin of national security….There appears to be a growing awareness, shared by almost everyone except the NSA, that cryptography is too important to be controlled by the government."

–Sylvia Sanders, "Data Privacy: What Washington Doesn't Want You to Know"

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?? –January 1981