IWF: Hairy Brutish Monster? I'd Hit It. (Friday Fun Link?)


If you're looking for a simian-fetishizing, feminist-hating, metrosexual-baiting, when-men-use-hygiene-products-the-terrorists-have-won rant to close out '05, look no further than "King Kong—My Kind of Guy" by Independent Women's Forum blogger Charlotte Allen:

… King Kong is, well, a brute but a guy you want to have around….It's Kong, furthermore not the wimpy humans in the movie (epitomized by the fey Adrien Brody playing sensitive-writer Jack Driscoll and supposedly Watts's love interest), who saves his lady from being eaten by dinosaurs. I loved the scene in which Kong first rips a stegosaurus's jaw in half with his bare hands, then beats his chest with pride. Brody, as ever in this movie, arrives on the scene too late. No wonder he's no match for King Kong in Watts's heart.

So I took away my own message from the movie: Whom would I rather have around when the going got tough: a jaw-jaw chattering class intellectual like Brody or a primitive red-state brute along the lines of King Kong? I think the answer's pretty clear.

Indeed! But as an aside, how is it that anti-intellectual types get to tear down under-muscled, overeducated males while wringing their promise-ringed hands over a university gender gap that supposedly shortchanges men? If all the real men are doing time at the National Zoo, what do we care about university admissions?