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Writing in USA Today, Jacob Sullum argues against keeping tasty cigarettes out of adults' hands "for the children."

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  1. Camel Dark Mint and Kool Midnight Berry

    Whoa! Really? Candy flavored ciggies? Why haven’t I seen these?

    If only I could take out my credit card, google them, and have them delivered from another state. Oh, well.

  2. When I was in college, there was a brief period where ‘microbrew’ smokes were in vogue. I was partial to a brad called Sedona (by something called the Midnight tobacco Co. IIRC) that had kind of a toasted-honey flavor.

  3. Did that bill fail, pass, or is still up for debate?

    What a fucked up bill. It’s the big cig co. oligopoly desire for less competition combined with nanny-fascist kontrolfreaks’ desire to run everybody’s goddamn lives. A plague to whomever sponsored, voted for, or even passively approved of this bill.

  4. How is this any different, really, from outlawing candy-flavored alcohol (like chocolate liqueurs) “for the children”?

  5. The more relevant question turns on whether or not voters want the era of a rubber stamp Congress to end.

  6. Jennifer-It’s not.

  7. So why do we allow politicians to support legislation that appeals to children? There can be only one reason, underage voting.

    Big government is a cancer on the land. They have grown fat feasting on the wealth and power that once belonged to those they claim to serve. Big government is more addictive than any drug. Just look at the election returns. People can’t stop themselves from voting for major party candidates. I think every senator should have to answer the following question, on the record and under oath:

    Do you believe entitlements are addicting?

  8. I say we just outlaw everything. Including laws.

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