Barry Happy to Be Retired


Dave Barry's hiatus from his Miami Herald humor column has become a permanent retirement, according to an Editor & Publisher interview. Which is all the flimsy excuse I need to link to my finger-wounding Q&A with the suspiciously libertarian-sounding funnyman during the 2004 Democratic Convention, and to Glenn Garvin's terrific interview in the magazine's days of yore. (Link via Romenesko.)

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  1. Thank goodness – he (and I am not making this up) ran out of funny some time ago.

  2. Yeah, and Mark Twain eventually ran out of funny as well, but we can still honor his memory and read his books. Thanks for the links. Great stuff.

  3. I’ve enjoyed his work for many years, and it’s kinda sad to see him (semi-)retire, but I can imagine it would be difficult to maintain consistently humorous work year after year. Heck, I struggle just to generate a single humorous H&R posting–mostly unsuccessfully.

  4. I think fondly of Dave Barry every time I have to flush the toilet several times after a healthy bowel movement.

  5. Sorry – that was unnecessarily snarky, man who laughs – I probably crack open Dave Barry Does Japan once every two months, and it still cracks me up.

  6. Crapper-You know when I gave up hope? When they mandated those everfucking low-flow showerheads and no one made a peep. The government has seen fit to mandate that we can’t take a shower with enough water pressure to get the soap off or skin or the shampoo out of our hair, and we freaking take it!

    Anyway-that’s when I knew there was no hope. I’ll just keep carrying the old-school showerhead I took off the shower in my old place wherever I go.

  7. But will there ever be a Rock Bottom Remainders reunion?

  8. Jeff-Depends on whether or not Stephen King is able to stand for long enough to play, I imagine.

  9. I have enjoyed Dave Barry quite a bit for many years. If he’s burned out on the regular column thing, though, he’s probably right to retire from it before he degenerates into late-stage Charles Schulz or Garry Trudeau. Or Ernie Bushmiller.

    The Glenn Garvin interview of Barry remains one of my favorite Reason pieces of all time.

  10. Stevo,

    Schulz and Trudeau are cartoonists. Barry is a make-believe political pundit. I seriously doubt Barry is running out of material.

    WRT cartoonists, second only to Don Martin, Berkeley Breathed is my favorite cartoonist. Breathed came back after a long breather.

    We’ll see.

  11. Yeah, the Garvin interview made me laugh and chuckle a number of times.

  12. He’s still funny. He’s alive. He’s much younger than I. So I’m predicting we haven’t heard the last of him.
    How long has Jerry Seinfeld’s hiatus been?
    Similar situation?

  13. Stephen King can play guitar sitting, like Robert Fripp.

  14. Wow… I had no idea Virginia Postrel inspired such terror in her subjects – er, subordinates.

  15. I love Dave Barry. He never fails to amuse–all the way from a smile to spitting coffee all over the computer monitor.

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