A shameless plea for votes


Yours truly is one of the nominees for "Conservative Blogress Diva" at GayPatriot.com. Actually, I don't know about "conservative," I've never fancied myself a diva, and I think "blogress" sound a bit too much like "ogress" … but how ungracious to quibble! It's an honor to be nominated after only 3 months in the blogosphere, and while my chances of winning are close to those of, say, Olympia Snowe getting the Republican presidential nomination, I offer the guys at GayPatriot my humble thanks for the nomination.

Oh, and you can go here to cast your vote.

(Cross-posted from The Y-Files.)

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  1. Voted, I enjoy your work Cathy.

  2. Oh good, we’ll get to see if the caught-red-handed miscreants from the last poll-stuffing escapade have learned anything.

  3. Well, I won’t be stuffing any ballot boxes this time. Which doesn’t mean that I did last time, just that I won’t this time.

  4. Done. BTW: is it possible to vote for “everyone except Malkin”?

  5. GayPatriot.com

    How icky! (Republicans, that is.)

  6. “Blogress”? Sounds insulting, especially if you erase the first two letters.

    Works for Malkin, though. Fun fact: in Shakespearean times, “Malkin” meant “a woman of the lower orders.” What’s in a name? Sometimes, a great deal.

  7. Did we win the last one of these?

  8. Should she get herself to a nunnery?

  9. If you’re not a conservative you should turn down their offer. It only plays into people’s confusions. Also, it would give conservatism a good name!

  10. Nah, Cicero… It is people like Cathy and her peers who must win back our limited government friends from the ranks of the conservatives.

    Do I get a ‘I voted today’ pin?

  11. if it wasn’t for your dishonest Thomas Woods-bashing and your seeming comfortableness with the foreign policy (and related ‘homeland’ policy) of this administration, I might vote for you…

  12. except for your dishonest Thomas Woods-bashing and your seeming comfortableness with the foreign policy (and related ‘homeland’ policy) of this administration, I might vote for you…

  13. On the one hand, I’d like you to vote for me, because I like me. On the other hand, voting for me would cause an irony superexplosion, since it would require actually making a choice. So, in conclusion, a pox on both their houses.

  14. Babe, you’re up against Cathy Siepp, which makes it a very tough call for moi. Can I vote for both? Actually, the tie-breaker is decided according to who actually works for Reason. Even though Ms Siepp has written for Reason and always shows up at those LA Press Club gigs with the Reason folks, she technically doesn’t work for Reason. Therefore, I’ll vote for her tomorrow if possible and you today.

    And, where is Moxie? She has a gay houseboy, a frothy little mouth, and she’s conservative. doesn’t that count with these guys?

  15. Done Cathy. You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed your writing. So it comes as a surprise: Conservative, hmmm. Never noticed. And in one lineup with Michelle, gosh.

    what’s the matter? Is Cathy not conservative enough for you?

  16. Why didn’t Andrew Sullivan get nominated for “Conservative Blogress Diva”?

  17. Cathy doesn’t appear to be doing that well so far, but if we try hard enough, at least she can do better than that cunt Kathryn Lopez.

  18. Why didn’t Andrew Sullivan get nominated for “Conservative Blogress Diva”?

    Because he’s not 6’4″ and wearing stiletto heels and sequins?

  19. Uh, guys, I don’t know how this happened, but I think I voted for Pat Buchanan.

  20. I just voted for Cathy.

    Why doesn’t GayPatriot list Reason/H&R on their blogroll?

  21. GayPatriot is cool and all, it’s just that… well… their name is like so… gay

  22. Good one! But it brings up an interesting (albeit off-topic) question as well. Should that use of “gay”, as a general pejorative, be discouraged with an eye toward promoting tolerance?

    Most of Cathy’s columns are damn strong.

  23. I am all about having manly love, but I still use gay in the pejorative sense just because I grew up using it and because the irony of my using it now makes it even more fun for me.

  24. Wonder whether Cathy could sue them for defamation — they called her a conservative!

  25. So, can I speculate on Cathy’s hair as a reflection of her sexuality now?

  26. Hey, Knock it Off. I’m trying to teach my 4th grade son NOT to use gay in a pejorative way (school is a wonderful socialization tool, isn’t it). It’s especially helpful at parties and family get togethers where we have actual homosectionals (that’s a queer couch) and actual homosexuals on the premises.

  27. As a PR move, I suggest that GayPatriot change its name to a more positive and less explicit FabulousPatriot.

  28. I voted. But…

    Representing the million gay and lesbian Americans supporting President Bush.

    I feel so dirty.

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