Four Who Dared (GOP Senators Edition)


What do Republican Sens. Larry Craig (Idaho), Chuck Hagel (Neb.), John Sununu (N.H.) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) have in common? They are standing firm against renewing the PATRIOT Act because, in the words of the Wash Post:

They say the bill is slanted too heavily in the government's favor when it comes to letting targeted people challenge national security letters and special subpoenas that give the FBI substantial latitude in deciding what records should be surrendered. The targeted people should have a greater ability to challenge such subpoenas and require the government to show why it thinks the items being sought are connected to possible terrorism, the Republicans contend.

Whole thing here.

While fellow GOPpers might be steamed, this senatorial quartet may well be hailed by voters. As Dave Weigel explained in the November ish of Reason, "Standing up to the PATRIOT Act can be good politics."