Beisbol Been Berry Berry Bad to, um, the U.S. Treasury


Next March, baseball fans will be treated to something new in the history of the sport—a 16-team tournament featuring the best players from the best baseball playing countries in the world. For months, the most intriguing question was whether Fidel Castro would field a team from the Caribbean's historical cradle of beisbol. To the surprise of many, he agreed.

And to the surprise of few, the Treasury Dept.'s awful Office of Foreign Assets Control has now ruled that the Cubanos can't come, because of the it's-really-gonna-start-paying-off-one-of-these-days Cuban embargo. My favorite OFACker quote:

"It is our policy that we do not confirm, deny or discuss licenses," Treasury spokeswoman Molly Millerwise said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

After all, what business is it of ours what stupid decisions the government makes?

Previous episodes of OFAC's Cuban foolishness here, here, and here. (Link via Baseball Primer.)

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  1. Well, THAT will show Castro! I’m sure he’ll just leave now. Thank the Baby Jesus the US government never does anything to empower him further!

  2. Why does the US government hate America?

  3. I like the Cubans in a short tourney like this…supposedly their 1-2-3 pitchers are dazzling.

    But look at the DR’s lineup: Forget about it. Juggernaut.

    If we can get some capital flowing in there so the people don’t have to boil their clothes, and get cigars in return, I’m happy.

    Imagine a la flor double ligero with a cuban wrapper? I’m getting a nicotine buzz just thinking about it.

  4. I would love to see a pan-American tournament. My money would be on the Cubans and/or Venezualans.

    Ahh Castro, the despot to “outlast a dozen US presidents” (nevermind that he’s not elected)

  5. This is pretty hard to comprehend, considering:

    a) The government has had no problem letting various Cuban Olympic teams arrive over the years.

    b) There are bound to be at least a couple more defections of Cuban stars before the tournament is over, leading to more diplomatic egg on the face of El wannabe-Washington Senator.

    c) The fricking Cold War has been over for about 14 years.

  6. I said it before, I’ll say it again, and I’ll keep on saying it for as long as it keeps getting funnier every time I do:


  7. Most Americans don’t give a damn about Cuban vacations, remittances to families, or sugar imports. But screwing up a baseball tournament that our guys are in for politics? This could be the case that really puts the Cuban embargo on the front page.

  8. There’s something funny about a lame-brained, jongoistic idea of Bud Selig’s getting quashed because of jingoism.

  9. Can’t even spell jingoistic right today.

  10. Russ

    Somehow the word “jongoistic” had a really nice ring when applied to Bud Selig. I mean, it could have so many different meanings.

  11. I wonder how the families of the dissidents executed by Castro feel about it.

  12. Geez, TallDave, I’ll bet they’re all just standing around saying “Boy, we sure are glad that the yanquis won’t let our boys go over and play baseball, because that has so much to do with Fidel killing our loved ones, and it will so bring them back”.

    Fucking eh….

  13. Mr. TallDave,
    We like the way you think. The complete lack of logic and rational thought concerning Cuba is heartening. We would like to extend an offer to join OFAC at a senior management level.

  14. You’re all wrong. We should further isolate Cuba in order to protect Florida’s tourism and sugar trade. Even if Cuba becomes a libertarian paradise. In fact, especially if Cuba becomes a libertarian paradise.

  15. With arguably the top 2 US pitchers being 42 (Randy Johnson) and 43 (Roger Clemens) year-olds, perhaps it is fear….

    The Cuban Soccer team visited Seattle last year for the CONCACAF Gold Cup. A player on that Cuban team (defected and -) helped the Seattle Sounders win a championship this year.

    I can only imagine the pain this caused those assholes from Florida to feel.

  16. They should let them play and openly assist them in defecting. It’ll infuse some talent into the major leagues that I for one would be all for.

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