Y 4K? Y Not?


Hit & Run now has 3,995 votes in the competition for Best Group Blog (though I just reloaded the page and it went down to 3,994, go figure). Let's break on through to the other side of 4,000, and keep sailing toward 5k. "What's in it for me?" you ask. Only the immeasurable reflected glory of a major victory, an opportunity to participate in the 150-year-old tradition of The Weblog Awards, maybe even an invitation to the Kodak Theater for The 2005 Weblog Awards Roscoe Ceremony* (where you may be seated right there between Ann-Margaret and Joey Heatherton). Then again, all of that may not happen. But a win's a win, and you know Hit & Run is da bestest, so get in there, vote every 24 hours, and show them what the H&R All-Stars are made of.

* Weblog Awards® and Roscoe® are registered trademarks of the Weblog Academy of Arts and Sciences. Or something.