New Look at Tech Central Station


The Web site Tech Central Station has gotten a dramatic new look. The site's host, sometime Reason contributor James K. Glassman, explains it all here.

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  1. And while you’re checking out the cool, edgy new layout at TechCentralStation, why not enjoy a cool, refreshing Coca-Cola?

  2. Oh, good. Now it looks even more like a magazine (or really, trade paper) website. All the better to keep casual visitors and lazy journalists from realizing it’s just an archive of advertorials from PR firm the DCI Group.

  3. yawn. joe and koppelman are so predictable. If koppelman ever comes up with anything more than an ad hominem insult, wake me up.

  4. ? When I go, I just see a list of links.

    Hm, now I get nothing. Must be updating their site.

  5. joe:

    “why don’t you gentlemen enjoy a pepsi”
    (can you believe it’s been 20 years???)

  6. Don’t the actual journalists who write for Reason, including the ones who write PR on the side, feel a little insulted when one of their colleagues refers to TCS as though it’s a legitimate publication?

  7. I feel your pain, sm. It’s like a severe and lingering attack of heartburn, causing irritation and erosion of the esophagus, that can only be soothed by safe, effective Prilosec.

    I think TCS’s rad new design is just the little purple pill our body politic needs.

  8. I don’t care what anyone says about Glassman: Someone who can write a book called *Dow 36000* and not only survive but prosper *has* to be a genius…

  9. That site isn’t working in Opera, what the hell is that?

  10. David T,
    Please, please, check out another of Glassman’s predictions. I think your admiration for him will only grow!

    Douglas Fletcher,
    Perhaps the site is underwritten by an Opera competitor. Kidding of course. I am sure it is only the opinions that are affected by the funding.

    On a more serious note, from someone who disagrees a lot with many of the views on this site, but nonetheless respects the opinions and integrity of its writers and commenters, associating with Tech Central Station is an embarassment, and it is a taint on that integrity.

  11. an excerpt from th linked March 22, 2001 Glassman piece above:

    “The graph depicts something that has never happened before, in America or anywhere else in the world. It shows a government that has retired all the debts it can and begun accumulating vast “uncommitted funds”?a concept so new that the CBO had to invent the phrase.”

  12. What makes it an illegitimate publication? I’m asking this in all sincerity because I’ve never been to the website before today.

  13. Whatever the look, the best thing about the site is the FONT SIZE buttons. All sites should have them, if they don’t respond of the usual FontSize setting on the browser menu.

  14. Eric,
    It is basically a PR firm for underwriters. A Way for Glassman to make money off the astrotruf phenomenon.

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