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Hit & Run sits atop the "best group blog" category in the 2005 Weblog Awards, but we can always push for a higher total.

You can vote once every 24 hours and the polls close December 15. Go here to cast a ballot.

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  1. I understand and will obey.

  2. And for God’s sake, after voting for Hit & Run, click “Home” then click “Best of the Top 250 Blogs” and vote for former Reason Editor-in-Chief Virginia Postrel. Her blog is in last place, and that just ain’t right. (It’s probably because no one remember’s V Po’s blog is named “Dynamist”.)

    Comment by: Windypundit at December 12, 2005 07:25 AM

    Sounds good to me Windy

  3. yeah you put up black t-shirts up for sale with the reason logo and i will gove you 2 or more votes a day…other then that it is a no go….and if see another patition for me to vote agian without the t-shirts then i will vote against you. 🙂

    ok i won’t vote against you….i want my t-shirt (my is relative term meaning i want the t-shirt that i will pay for)

  4. The power of Carpet-Humping Man will not be denied.

    I’ve been voting often, t-shirt or not, but a t-shirt with a photo of CHM on it would certainly boost my confidence at the gym.

  5. Everyday I have to vote later and later.
    I am amazed at how H&R recovered from such a slow start.

  6. I don’t really get this whole “vote once every 24 hours” thing. It would be much easier if we could all just pre-cast the equivalent of one-ballot-per-day from the time of our first vote. Or, you know, just vote once per IP address period. Of course, I guess we’re doing wonders for their hit count.

  7. People like winners and H&R is winning. So this would be a supremely propitious time to tell someone new to start voting for H&R. You’ll be doing em a big favor be turning em on to H&R, the best blog in the whole damn sphere and Reason, the best “think” magazine on the whole damn news stand. Just send em the voting link.

  8. This effort needs a theme song. Can you guys just set things up it so that the song “Dreams” by Van Halen just automatically starts playing when the homepage opens up?

    We’ll get higher and higher
    Straight up we’ll climb
    We’ll get higher and higher
    Leave it all behind

  9. Stevo,

    I was thinking like maybe the Thompson Twins. You take me up

    You take me up
    oh ho
    you take me up to the higher ground.
    You take me up so high
    now I never want to come back down

  10. I don’t know Stevo, it’d probably start a shouting match among the Reason staff over who was the REAL VH singer (Roth, naturally but still. . .).

  11. Great minds think/fly alike. (My point exactly.) You fellow perverts have given me straight lines to the thought I came here to implant on posterity’s eye/flame:
    The secret of success of H&R has been for Cavanaugh to keep lighting gas lamps, one after another, all the way to the horizon, so we moths don’t all fly into the same flame, making such a nasty mess down below with our little fuzzy carcasses, like the other group blog sites do.

  12. what the hell is group blog anyway? How is it different from any other blog?

    “I am amazed at how H&R recovered from such a slow start.”

    Only becouse thoreau is cheating with his research school’s server farm. He has access to a whole class A network of ip adresses…or something. 😮

  13. “what the hell is group blog anyway? How is it different from any other blog?”

    For the same reasons that we draw distinctions between orgies and self-masturbation. The term “group” refers a gathering of more than one person. In certain circles, “three” is the necessary number to form what is commonly called a “crowd”. This is in stark contrast to singular persons, who cannot form a “group” unless they join up with other singular persons.

    Following those guidelines, a “Group Blog” would differ from any other blog in that it is contributed to by more than one person.

    Next up on Explaining The Obvious: how an “apartment complex” differs from a “single home”.

  14. You can vote as many times as you want, as long as you get rid of that flash cookie and cloak your IP address.

  15. “Following those guidelines, a “Group Blog” would differ from any other blog in that it is contributed to by more than one person.”

    it is starting to become fairly obviouse that i am not going to a t-shirt.

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