Keep Them Votes Coming!


As of this writing, Hit & Run maintains a handsome lead in the "best group blog" category of The 2005 Weblog Awards–we're about 1,100 votes ahead of second-place Redstate.

But hey, John Kerry looked a lock early on Election Day 2004 and we all know how that turned out, right? So please, keep them votes coming; let's do what we can to avoid the Chad and Jeremiad outcome of the 2000 election (and for god's sake, it's clear that so much more is at stake in the 2005 Weblog Awards than was in Bush vs. Gore).

The polls close on December 15 and you can vote once every 24 hours by going here.

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  1. The fact that Reasonoids have jobs and can vote at home _and_ at work should give us the critical edge over Redstate.

  2. APL,

    The rules say that we’re supposed to vote just once every 24 hours. So that’s what we should do.

    I’m not sanguine about H&R’s lead. I got yet another chain-letter type vote solicitation email from Redstate supporters, albeit this one in my junk mail. But you know how the effects of those things can grow exponentially. So I’ll post this counter strategy again:

    Of course we should all vote once a day thru Dec 15th. But also, each of us should get a hold of at least three other folks and ask them to vote for H&R once a day as well. Just send em the link. You’ll be doing em a favor by turning em on to H&R, the best blog in the whole damn sphere. Also, you’ll be doing everyone, including yourself, a favor by turning em on to Reason, one of the few publications that if read by enough of us is likely to engender a freer thus better world. Now isn’t that what the season is all about?

  3. Now isn’t that what the season is all about?

    This is the time of year when we gather together to celebrate the birth of Santa Claus.

  4. I celebrate the birth of The Grinch, and hope for utter desctruction of all those who create Christmas commercials and holiday advertising.

    I feel like I have to live in a hole from Thanksgiving to New Years just to avoid going insane from all the marketing drivel. The 1 side of capitalism and free-markets I can’t stand is holiday advertising.

    Maybe I can make my millions by tapping into the anit-holidy market? Excellent…

  5. I’ll shamelessly plug Megan McArdle’s Asymmetrical Information in the Biz Blog category…in a battle with Club for Growth and Freakonomics…certainly the underdog, and certainly worthy of the prize in my oh-so-humble opinion.

  6. And for God’s sake, after voting for Hit & Run, click “Home” then click “Best of the Top 250 Blogs” and vote for former Reason Editor-in-Chief Virginia Postrel. Her blog is in last place, and that just ain’t right. (It’s probably because no one remember’s V Po’s blog is named “Dynamist“.)

  7. Virginia Postrel is hot.

  8. I have flash installed. I even reinstalled it. But still, Firefox won’t load the poll. I had to use IE. Anyone else have this problem?

    Either way, H&R has about a 1400-vote lead as of 9:25am.

  9. How can a blog, which can’t even keep its comment software working for more than ten minutes, win “best of” anything?

  10. Because their droids are commited idealists with a lot of free time?

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