Extend Hit & Run's Lead!


Hit & Run continues to lead the "best group blog" category in The Weblog Awards, but it's never too late to vote and help extend the lead. (Or, actually, it will be too late when voting closes on December 15; but until then, it's never too late.) Right now we're 975 votes up on second place challenger Redstate, but let's face it: Hit & Run is here for the Red States, the Blue States, and the crucial but often ignored Mauve States. So let's get in there and make the lead at least an even thousand. That place to vote again is right here.

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  1. It’s not too late for some dark horse site, say one that’s updated irregularly by a single casual poster, and perferably one that hasn’t even got a hit-counter, to make it as best group blog, in some thrilling run from behind. Best of all, the blogger will never hear about it.

    That’s the internet at its best.

  2. Done again. The media have been noticing the libertarian bent of the computer intelligentsia, and winning this title is important to reinforce that.

  3. I don’t vote in real elections, so I am certainly not going to vote re: this particular contest.

  4. And I don’t dress like a woman at work, so I certainly don’t do it at home when my wife’s not around. Seriously.

  5. Really, I don’t.

    Since this doesn’t appear to be a “serious” thread, I’m going to vent for a minute – I’m taking online classes right now through Davenport University to finish up my BBA (started at the University of Michigan, went nuts, now have too much else going on to drop everything and go back to a “real” U), and if ever there were a failure of the market, this is it – I’m practically teaching the ethics class.

    Ridiculous – and all this for $300 plus per credit-hour…

  6. Does anyone know of a way to find out the vote totals in a category without voting in it? I’ve been voting for Hit&Run, but I’m curious about vote totals in Best Blog. I don’t read any of the nominees, and I’d feel bad voting for something I don’t read. Any clue? Or is it just not possible?

  7. I just got a chain-letter type vote solicitation email from Redstate supporters.

    I have a way that we can fight back. Of course we should all vote once a day thru Dec 15th. But also, each of us should get a hold of at least three other folks and ask them to vote for H&R once a day as well. Just send em the link.

    You’ll be doing em a favor by turning em on to H&R, the best blog in the whole damn sphere. Also, you’ll be doing everyone, including yourself, a favor by turning em on to Reason, one of the few publications that if read by enough of us is likely to engender a freer thus better world. Now isn’t that what the season is all about?

  8. Hak,

    Oh come on. Give us a vote then. It’s not like you’re voting for some lesser of two evils politician. In fact, you might well be helping to reduce their power over our lives, or stopping the more evil ones from being elected.

  9. Nothing to do with anything, but R.I.P both Richard Pryor and Eugene McCarthy. I admit I never found the former all that funny, and the latter was a little too hippyish for me, but both were important men. May the gods be with them both.

  10. I won’t vote for Hit and Run, but I will come to Hit and Run and tell everyone that I won’t vote for it.

  11. So what’s in it for me?

    Just kidding…

  12. as of now, H&R is up 1100 votes on RedState.

  13. MARYSVILLE, Ohio — Quit smoking, or you’re fired.

    That’s what Scotts Miracle-Gro is telling its employees. If they don’t quit smoking by October, they’ll lose their jobs.

    The lawn and garden company is trying to keep health insurance costs down by promoting healthy lifestyles for its employees.

    Its chairman and chief executive, James Hagedorn, said the company shouldn’t have to shoulder health risks for employees who smoke. It pays for 75 percent of employees’ health insurance.


  14. one of the most randomly fun as shit nights of my life was drinkin’ and smokin’ dope til dawn in Marysville, Ohio.

  15. Is Jason trying to divert us from our mission in this thread? Don’t let him. Vote vote vote!

  16. No. I’m just bored on a Saturday night. I did vote, if it makes you feel better.

  17. Jason,

    I’m sorry. I tend to be a bit suspicious. Perhaps if you woulda prefaced it as “off topic”. Anyway; my bad.

  18. ..Bored huh? Are you a student? So call a girl or study. Are you not a student? Call a girl or study. Girls, learning; that covers a pretty big swath of worthwhile activity. Just a couple of suggestions anyway…

  19. shhh… I’m actually working. I could call my wife I guess, but I don’t feel terribly inclined to do that. Not to worry, I’m holiday party bound to A-town in under an hour.

  20. I’ve cast enough votes. The precise number doesn’t matter.

    Of course, that merely means that I have voted as many times as I choose to, but for reasons of my own I choose not to disclose the number. It should not be taken as an admission of cheating.

  21. thoreau,

    You’re a libertarian, a scientist, and a serious Catholic. It’s kinda hard for me to imagine you cheating on much of anything…

    I mean; I’m a libertarian. I have the highest regard for science and learning in general, and some of the most scrupled people this non-believer knows are my devout Catholic relatives.
    Basically thoreau, if I thought that you cheated, I’d probably need therapy.

  22. “Basically thoreau, if I thought that you cheated, I’d probably need therapy.”

    yup he cheated.

    and you are a practicing catholic Thoreau? huh. I never would have guessed….perhaps i should start actaully reading peoples posts.

  23. joshua-

    Yep, I’m a practicing Catholic.

  24. “and a serious Catholic. It’s kinda hard for me to imagine you cheating on much of anything…”

    reeeelllllyyyyyy 🙂

    as for the marysville, ohio story:

    their company. they can do that if they want. if you wanna smoke, find another job.


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