Reason T-Shirt Product Placement Alert


To the People blogger Baylen Linnekin gets the call from CBS News to do video-game battle with Joie Chen. His preferred stylin' for the big showdown? A classic black Reason T-shirt:

Extremely cool and down-to-earth correspondent Joie Chen came over to my place yesterday and a great crew (the team of Mike and Mish Marriott) filmed her and me playing Atari for an hour or so. Not sure how much face time I'll get on air, but I'll be the guy in the Reason magazine t-shirt. (Props to Minerva for the photo, even though if one looks closely they'll see I have lab-rat eyes.)

Spin Zone: OK, so Chen did indeed best me in one round of Combat (game 15—the dogfight), but I recovered and soundly throttled her the next three games.

Picture here.

The segment is set to air on Saturday or Sunday night's CBS Evening News; check local listings for time, etc.

Update: Baylen Linnekin tells me that the segment may–may–get bumped to next weekend. So double down on your Tivo settings.