Reason T-Shirt Product Placement Alert


To the People blogger Baylen Linnekin gets the call from CBS News to do video-game battle with Joie Chen. His preferred stylin' for the big showdown? A classic black Reason T-shirt:

Extremely cool and down-to-earth correspondent Joie Chen came over to my place yesterday and a great crew (the team of Mike and Mish Marriott) filmed her and me playing Atari for an hour or so. Not sure how much face time I'll get on air, but I'll be the guy in the Reason magazine t-shirt. (Props to Minerva for the photo, even though if one looks closely they'll see I have lab-rat eyes.)

Spin Zone: OK, so Chen did indeed best me in one round of Combat (game 15—the dogfight), but I recovered and soundly throttled her the next three games.

Picture here.

The segment is set to air on Saturday or Sunday night's CBS Evening News; check local listings for time, etc.

Update: Baylen Linnekin tells me that the segment may–may–get bumped to next weekend. So double down on your Tivo settings.

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  1. I feel 52% more likely to enjoy this magazine, and to be unable to stop reading it.

  2. is this like moonraker with all the 7-up placements?

  3. The tank part of Combat was the best because it had that bug wherewhen you’d press into the corner while turning, you’d sometimes magically pop over to the other side of the map. Better than elephants!

  4. Cool shirt. Nick, is all you guys have these days is the stuff found at cafepress? I can’t wear white after Labor Day.

  5. I have that black Reason shirt. It’s great to have it say: Free markets, free minds. Starts conversation with interesting folks. Even though it’s a T-shirt, you can make it look good in winter by wearing it over a long sleeve black polo type shirt.

    When I’m trying to be a babe magnet, I wear either my Ramones shirt or my Reason shirt 😉

  6. No link to buy a tshirt in the original post?


  7. what the hell, nick sent me a letter asking me for money and all it gave was for 50$ the reason report newsletter (lame) for 100$ a subscription(have it) and choice (saw the c-span book tv thing) or 1000$ for a party or something…but no t-shirt??? bullshit!

    anyway you will get 30$ and like it hell i didn’t even give EFF 30$ (and they at least gave me sticker)…but i am pissed at them for soemthing…i can’t remember.

  8. CBS News: Hardhitting Jounalism.

    – Josh

  9. By coincidence I was wearing my Reason polo shirt for my investment bank’s “casual friday”. Gives me capitalist cred.

    I gotta agree with joshua that Reason is dropping the ball on bang for your buck. The magazine is OK, and I’m sure the Vegas thing was a hoot, but for my money you can’t do better than Cato, who’ll send you all kinds of shit for only $50. Further down the list are The Institute for Justice (cool posters, but no mailings and sadly no annual party), and The Institute for Humane Studies (no freebies, but neat mailings and a great party cum seminar).

    Y’all libertarians could stand to learn a few things about fundraising from The Nature Conservancy and other successful groups.

  10. I suggest providing some, ah, “interstate commerce” for generous donors. Preferably that good Cartoon Network kind.

  11. so wait…where do you get the t-shirts again??

    and polo shirts now.

  12. joshua,

    I got my black T maybe a couple years ago. I got my polo…like I can’t remember how long. Maybe 15 years?

    Come on Reson Marketing. See the demand? Offer this stuff!

  13. …Make that: “Come on *Reason marketing*.”

  14. DUDE!

    I want a reason shirt. Where do I get one??

    I want a t-shirt and a polo shirt. I promise I’ll get my picture taken somewhere like Airport security wearing it. I’ll alternate between the Reason shirt, and the NRA one that says “The 2nd Ammendment, Americas real homeland security”

  15. Ok Nick, we have more evidence of the demand, this time from regular reader/commenter, kwais. Seriously, please make these products available! Imagine how cool it will be to be wearing them after H&R wins the Best Group Blog vote.

    kwais, I got my black Reason T maybe a couple years ago. As I said, the Reason polo was purchased a very long time ago. But hey, let’s get some capitalist action going from Reason and make these shirts available again. The Cafepress stuff that’s available does appear to have a polo style in white that they call a “golf shirt”. Other colors besides white, the only one that Cafepress offers, are needed. It’s fall!

    “The 2nd Amendment, Americas real homeland security”

    Yes!! That’s great! I’m not personally into guns but that is really great and so true!! I mean; the founders of our Republic, in their writings, made it clear that one of the premier reasons for gun freedom was so that our citizens could defend themselves against our own government in situations where it became tyrannical.

  16. Celebrate christmas have some white doves and release them for a celebration have a pink chicken call it CINDY SHEEHAN wrining its neck and make some soup

  17. There was a bar on 20th street called “No Idea?” (actually, it might still be there, right next door to Teddy Roosevelt’s birthplace).

    Anyway, they had a bunch of pictures of poeple all over the world wearing their t shirt, like on the Great Wall, another at the Tower of London, etc.

    You guys should sponser something similar, have people get in pictures with their shirts on talking to public figures or being at national shrines or something.

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