Put It Right Next to the Brownie Statue


CNN reports that $13 million in federal funds earmarked for post-Katrina flood control will go to build a (presumably flood-controlling) museum. Its mission? "Highlighting the achievements of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers."

Video, in which a project manager explains that "We do what Congress tells us," here.

Via Club for Growth.

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  1. OW! I think I just broke my toe. I know I bruised my jaw.

  2. And we’re worried about inappropriate propaghanda in Iraq?

  3. You guys sure this isn’t some kinda The Onion-esque joke? It sounds just like an Onion headline:

    Congress Appropriates $13 million of Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding Funds for Museum honoring Army Corps of Engineers.

    Some of the exhibits would be hilarious (or, sad). Marvel at the broken levees! Gaze in amazement at actual footage of an entire American city sinking underwater as the Corps’ barriers fail!

  4. dontcha mean


  5. Oh, just a personal note, I’m not donating any more money for Katrina victims. I gave at the I.R.S.


  6. My wife, upon reading this article:

    “It is so time to fire everyone who works for the government. Everyone.”

    I concur.

  7. Will the building have free WiFi too?

  8. All that money that could be used to houses those left homeless will be used for a museum more pork more pork

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