Carnival Back in Town


The 23rd edition of Carnival of Liberty is up and at 'em over at Below The Beltway.

The Carnival of Liberty is largely an outgrowth of the Life, Liberty & Property Community of Bloggers which was created in June and inspired by the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the Supreme Court's infamous decision in Kelo v. City of New London. Basically, we're a group of bloggers who believe in the ideas that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Patrick Henry believed in. If you're one of those people, and you're interested in joining us, here's how you can do it.

As a Jersey native (a state about which I wax lyrical/compulsive) with deep connectons to NYC and Philadelphia, I've got to admit the heavy reliance of Virginian Founding Fathers leaves me a bit chilled–not even a shout-out to Ben Franklin or Gouvenor Morris? Check out the round-up of posts here.

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  1. Get A Life! was hilarious (unevenly), the male model episode was classic.

  2. Ooops, wrong post for Get A Life! comment. Sorry.

  3. Woo Morris! I would have love to have known that guy.

    In contrast to the guy in the right nav bar, who is humping the carpet again. He looks so relaxed in front of the waterfall…he really should stay out of doors.

  4. The bot-generated comment at the bottom of the Fly Bottle post linked to here by Nick is no more incomprehensible to me than the presumably human generated arguments proffered there.

  5. Baylen, I think there is something very important in that ringtone comment, although I cannot quite pin it down.

  6. Nick,

    I’m a Jersey native myself. Now that you’ve brought the Virginia-centric bias to my attention, I will definiately have to do something about it 😉

  7. God, Nick, could you fit any more references to W. Wilkinson into a single, short blog post? Maybe a hyperlink to a jpeg of you two engaged in New Jersey’s unofficial state pastime of teabagging?

    That would be splendid.

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