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Over at the Weblog Awards, this here blog is in fourth place in the "best group blog" category. If you'd like to vote for us, go here. You can vote once a day and the polls close on Dec. 15.

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  1. Please stop with this. I voted for another blog just to register my annoyance. poo on you and your desire to be recognized by the collective.

  2. Doesn’t matter, it looks like Red State has an insurmountable leads at this point. From reading the posts on their site, I think that such validation would matter more to them anyway. They can use it as evidence to prove the existence of a majority of people are “conservatives” being repressed liberal elites.

  3. Given the army of doughy, Cheetos-stained basement dwellers that Redstate has at its command, it’s an uphill battle for H&R. Good luck though.

  4. It should actually be clarified that you can only vote once every 24 hours. The site apparently logs your time of visiting, so even if it’s “the next day” by the clock, you still can’t vote until 24 hours has run from your previous vote.

  5. Thanks for the civics lesson, Nick. That was really depressing.

  6. Following up on yesterdays thread. I like Stevo?s amendment to my proposition.

    [parrot][eye-patch] Thar be a vast ocean of undefended blogs says I. Loads of pretty polly just waiting for a crew with some fire in there bellies to come along and takes it for themselves. If thar be a lot with more penetrating insight, sharper ascorbic wit, or greater grock of all things geeky, than the Reasonoids, I?m not knowing of them. Arrrrrrr the Hit and Run will be our ship and the dollar sign will be our flag!


  7. Sorry, my work server won’t let me load the newest flash player.

    You need readers without jobs to compete in the blog world!

  8. What MP said.
    What is this, SoundClick?

  9. …Yeah, why would a group blog want recognition and to get hyped elsewhere online?

    MP, Ed, I’d bet you guys aren’t much fun at parties, but then you probably don’t get invited to many parties, do you?

  10. What Ken Shultz said. What’s the point of being a libertarian if you don’t ever want to see any of your ideas actually become popular and perhaps even take root and come to fruition?

    Why would you prefer obscurity? This isn’t an indie rock forum. (Most of the time.)

  11. Ken,

    At the parties I attend we do not discuss gaming pointless popularity contests. Call us boring.

  12. thoreau,

    wtf? The dates in that thread are all over the place. Do people really comment on threads jwhen thney’re no longer on the main page?

    Maybe I should go back and check some out….

  13. Ira-

    JDM pointed to it in a thread yesterday. A very cursory search of the archives suggests that the thread was a one-of-a-kind.

  14. Greg and XOX should post all the time!


    Well, maybe not, but at least once in a while to livent hings up!

  15. cool beans! We’ve moved from 5th to 3rd in the last 24 hours.

  16. thoreau,

    I have never seen such a complete fustercluck here at H&R before, including the time Nick Berg was beheaded and pictures were posted. I’m glad I missed it.

  17. wtf? The dates in that thread are all over the place.

    I have noticed, in looking at some very old H&R threads, that some of the comments seem to be out of order or deleted, like they get jumbled up somehow. Obvious responses to someone else’s comment sometimes show up first, then the “original” comment shows up later in the thread, or not at all.

    Also, sometimes non-regulars may have posted on a long-dead thread because they found it while googling a subject and couldn’t bear to not add their two cents. I did that once at Kevin Drum’s site (correcting a factual error) before I realized how pointless it was.

    PS: I just went to look for the thread in question, and my comment appears to have since been deleted from the archives. Hmm.

  18. Stevo,
    Have you looked up old threads and found numerous postings at the bottom for penis enlargers and sex chat websites? They must have confused libertarian with libertine. Easy enough to do.

  19. Stevo-

    Good point on the time stamps. Some time around the middle of 2004 they renamed all of the pages in the archives, and did some other maintenance on the archives. One of the fallouts was comments being out of order. I wonder if the original comments were actually posted over a much shorter time frame than the nearly 2 years that the time stamps would suggest.

    Does anybody at Reason have (and care to examine) the original version of that thread? Just for the sake of history?

  20. Hm…yeah, that’s weird. This is the second time my vote has been automatically erased from the tally. It said “814” before I voted, then it said “815” after I voted, and then when I hit “reload” it said “814” again and, naturally, won’t let me vote again until tomorrow (when, presumably, my vote won’t count again).

    Am I supposed to have a subscription to vote or something? Why do you hate on Cleveland? Haters!!

  21. At the parties I attend we do not discuss gaming pointless popularity contests. Call us boring.

    Boring, boring, boring!

  22. If you have a binary editor and find the folder award_poll_1_nn.swf, where nn is a counter that appears to increment each day and edit the poll_35.sol file in that folder and change all the bytes following “votetime” to zero, save the file and make it read only, you can immediately vote again after just a page reload. This is much faster than deleting the award_poll_1_nn.swf folder, as was indicated yesterday, which also allows one to revote immediately. While this comment, like yesterday’s, will be deleted as soon as it’s noticed, it does demonstrate that web voting, at least as it’s done by weblogawards, is silly and that the results are dubious. Do you imagine that no one at Redstate has made a similar investigation?

  23. We’re above 1000! Closing in on 2nd place.

    Maybe the Chicago gang could come through for us…

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