James Buchanan's New Amendments


Nobel Prize winner James Buchanan offers up three new amendments to the Constitution in the first issue of Cato Unbound, a web mag designed to act as a forum for debate over big ideas. Responding to Buchanan over the course of December are Akhil Reed Amar, Alex Kozinski, and William Niskanen. Buchanan will then respond to his critics.

The fun starts here with Buchanan:

Fiscal irresponsibility stares us in the face and cries out for correction. The near-total disregard for any pretense of generality in the distribution of apparent governmental largesse, along with the increasing manipulation of the tax structure, can only be turned around by constitutional prohibition of discrimination. Existing rules, as interpreted, have not been successful in guaranteeing the natural liberty of citizens to engage in voluntary exchange, both among themselves within the political jurisdiction and with others beyond national boundaries.

Whole essay and links to responses as they go up here.

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