If, By "Limited," You Mean "Totally Expanded," Then Sure


Ronald Brownstein, the highly regarded (though not by me) L.A. Times political analyst, inadvertently demonstrates the enduring power of political branding over governing reality in his column today about activist-government experiments on the state level.

It's not a news bulletin that this has been a decade of conservative dominance in Washington. Since 2001, the top domestic priority for President Bush and the Republican Congress has been cutting taxes. With a few exceptions (led by the Medicare prescription drug benefit approved during Bush's first term), the GOP majority has focused on limiting, not expanding, the federal government's size and scope.

Italics mine, to emphasize the WTF?? Get that man a subscription to Reason!! One can only hope that the second half of Brownstein's thesis is equally off-base:

But a counter-cyclical trend toward government activism is thriving in the states governed by Democrats and moderate Republicans.