Deborah Davis Rally


Supporters of ID check protester Deborah Davis are planning a rally on the morning of her arraignment, which is scheduled for this Friday at the Alfred A. Arraj U.S. Courthouse in Denver.

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  1. “Be prepared to show ID”

  2. The stickers and buttons on Papers Please look a little too “Andre the Giant has a Posse”.

  3. Everyone should all take the bus to the rally and refuse to show ID.

  4. But why would I want to show Intelligent Design….

  5. Everyone should all take the bus to the rally and refuse to show ID.

    I think they want to hold the rally outside the courthouse! 🙂

  6. Geez justin, a punctuation nazi? Can you spot the error in this post. Good for you,

  7. I’ll be there in spirit.

  8. “I’ll be there in spirit.”
    Comment by: thoreau at December 5, 2005 08:21 PM

    With or without your Spiritual Identification?

  9. Deborah Davis has a strong case against this ID check, which I’ll go into tomorrow cuz I wanna read some stuff before I crash and I’m getting tired already. But I was thinking, perhaps after the protest, we could have another Denver Reasonoid meet-up! And thoreau’s spirit could attend as well…Oh Wait, 8:30 in the morning huh? Perhaps not…

  10. I’m always hopeful on the eve of events like this. I think, “This is a great test case, rock solid, can’t loose”. “After this we’ll have precedent and maybe can start chipping away at the fortress of oppression we’ve been building”. But after they convict her, I realize that this is a cornerstone on a new wing of the fortress upon which a mighty wall will soon be built. But this time it will be different I think. I hope.

  11. Warren-In my more naive moments, I had that sort of hope for Kelo. We all know how that turned out.

    It’s like Lucy and the football.

  12. thoreau, we’re going to need your Spiritual Identification Number.

  13. thoreau, we’re going to need your Spiritual Identification Number.


  14. She is sent to jail for refusing ID she is standing up to big brother SCREW BIG BROTHER no more big brother

  15. For God’s sake, the woman was asked to show i.d. to enter a SECURED, FENCED and GATED FEDERAL facility. In which there is a bus stop at which she could have disembarked. It’s not like she was walking down the street and the cops stopped her and asked for her “papers”. That said, she shouldn’t have been arrested. She and/or the bus should have simply been denied entry. No doubt if you drove up to that gate and refused to show i.d. they would have you turn around and leave, not arrest you. The charges will be dropped and the i.d. check will remain.

  16. Bill. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

    Why does everyone get all up in a lather over this? We show ID for very simple things such as boarding a plane, cashing a check, charging a suite…

    In contrast, being asked to show ID in order to “enter SECURED, FENCED and GATED FEDERAL facility” seems mighty reasonable.

  17. Bill, Hambone – Did you guys actually read the story? She was not “enter[ing] a SECURED, FENCED and GATED” facility. She was on a public bus. I might agree that the request for ID was OK if she were disembarking, but she wasn’t. (Whether there is any point to the ID check is another issue.) If the place is that sensitive, why the hell does a public bus line pass through it at all?

  18. They’re trolls, JD. Facts are for losers.

  19. I?ve been following this ridiculous prosecution from my vantage point here in the Denver area. Jacob hit all the pertinent points in his linked piece so I’ll just repeat that the bus rout travels thru the federal center, which comprises only a tiny fraction of the total rout.

    These ID checks are a case of the government trying to show that it is doing something about terrorism. In reality, these ID checks are ineffectual and it’s quite clear that they are just done for show. This is all too common for government action but in this case, the government is also violating citizens’ rights. Now, when one brave citizen calls em on it; they arrest her!

    The ID checks would be more legally defensible if they were only required of passengers disembarking at the fed center.

  20. I?ve been going to a lot of new age sites seeking metaphysical etiquette advice in anticipation of the arrival of thoreau’s spirit here in Denver. I mean, how does one address and refer to thoreau’s spirit upon introduction? “Dr. thoreau’s spirit”? “thoreau’s Dr. Spirit”? “Dr. thoreau’s Dr. Spirit”? “thoreau’s spirit PhD”? Does the spirit actually even hold a PhD too?

  21. same time, different place, occupying same Thoreaun space:

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