Attention London Reasonoids!


Mark Saturday, Dec. 10 on your calendars, for a pint or seven with myself, various suspicious Mitteleuropean/Economist types, some bloggers to be named later, and other irregulars from the Reason universe. The venue will be in Camden, hopefully at one of those new 24-hour joints (suggestions very welcome in the comments). The fun should begin round 6 pm. More details TK.

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  1. I won’t be there but I would suggest you check out the Earl of Lonsdale on Portobello Road (I know it’s not Camden but it’s the only place in London I’ve found that has Sam Smiths on tap and cheap too). If you’re set on Camden, check out Belgo (up towards Chalk Farm tube) for some moules/frites and great Belgian beer For a pint, all of the pubs kind of run together there but I do recall The End of the World (Camden tube)having a cavernous back room with live music at times.

  2. Who the heck is Mark Saturday?

  3. Below the End of the World is the Underworld. The Underworld is one of London’s top rock venues…I am there quite often to cover gigs. The pup upstairs is pretty good as well; and the prices are not bad at all. End of the World is probably one of the best pubs in Camden…music is good and the beer good as well.

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