25 Years Ago in Reason


"It's ironic that persons like myself and Walter Williams, who grew up in the ghetto, are regarded as being either middle-class or just aberrant, whereas people like Andrew Young, who grew up in the lap of affluence, are said to truly speak for blacks."

–"Reason Interview: Thomas Sowell"

"The thesis of the reindustrialization project: that there needs to be a new monopoly agreement, a rapprochement between Big Government, Big Business, and, as a sensible addition, Big Labor, so that the rest of us can be harnessed to a centrally planned, smoothly humming economy which, through some delirious misuse of language, will be called free private enterprise or capitalism."

–Karl Hess, "Fascism by Any Other Name…"

"Instead of hailing this relaxation of the Cuban Curtain and welcoming the refugees, Castro was denounced for 'dumping' undesirables, prisoners, and mental patients upon us, and the U.S. government began to arrest private boat owners for conducting the Cubans to freedom. A strange welcome indeed!"

–Murray N. Rothbard, "Viewpoint"

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–December 1980