Geo-Cultural Mindbender of the Week


Two paragraphs that would have been utterly incomprehensible 16 years ago:

On Sunday [the] contestants of the Czech version of the Hungarian variation of the Big Brother reality show were kicked out of their camera-festooned villa in Prague. The Hungarian variety is called Valo Vilag and it was created by the German channel RTL, which stands for Radio Television Luxembourg. Compared with Big Brother, the Select Ones (as the name perhaps translates into English) is slightly more family-friendly as contestants are taken out to discos and whatnot and the atmosphere is less commie-like [so as] not to scare the population of nations who had actually experienced it.

So Sunday morning, five remaining select Czechs were kicked out as the television station was late with rent for their villa lot. To protect their advertising revenues from the show, the TV station decided to ship the contestants over to Bratislava where the Slovak version of the Hungarian variation is currently airing. And on Monday night, the Czech and Slovak versions joined in the first big live Czech/Slovak media project since the federation of the two states went belly up in 1993—under Hungarian/German supervision.

Whole thing here; I edited in some capitalization and italics.