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Forget Schwarzenegger. A friend in western Wahkiakum County, Washington, informs me that Nirvana's Krist Novoselic has just been elected master of the local Grange.

Not grunge. Grange.

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  1. Well, I guess he’s got the flannel shirts for it…

  2. I thought La Grange was ZZ Top, not Nirvana.

  3. No discussion of celebrities in politics is complete without a mocking reminder of Jello Biafra’s run for San Francisco mayor (Hold for laughter). He ran on a platform advocating a maximum wage.

  4. Well, they’re for global free trade and against farm subsidies, which right there puts him ahead of anyone from either of the major parties in my book.

    Novoselic in ’08!!

  5. Hi Axl! Hi Axl! Hi Axl! Hi Axl! Hi Axl!!!!

  6. I’m a huge fan of Biafra’s mayoral campaign, KidCarn. Among other proposals, he called for establishing a board of bribery to set official rates, requiring downtown businessmen to wear clown suits during working hours, and re-hiring laid off civil servants as panhandlers at 50% commission.

  7. Question: what was Jello Biafra’s campaign slogan, and does it refer in any way to Nazi punks…

  8. Thought about leaving a comment, but…



  9. Gotta love a politician who managed to conk himself in the head with a bass after tossing said bass and failing to catch said bass at one of MTV’s numerous awards ceremonies.

  10. Jim:

    I believe the slogan was “Make room for Jello”.

  11. Chris Puzak,
    I have no idea what anyone has said so far about anything, put as a geezer almost old enough to recall when Jack Benny opened his radio show with “Jello everybody,” which really pissed off the Jello manufacturers for a while, until they got over it, the slogan is you DON’T need to make room for Jello.

  12. The Wahkiakum Democratic platform is probably not going to get a big ups from the H’n’R crowd, but on the other hand, there has got to be some love for a man who gets worked up about electoral reform. Go Instant Runoff Voting!


  13. Hey… good luck to him. I was kind of hoping he’d go farther in his bid for Lieutenant Governor last year. He makes some good points.

  14. 4 of the 6 “major objectives” are anti-libertarian.

  15. So what, Seattle just banned strippers and smoking. It’s become fogey-town over here. I’ve got one month left to indulge in some of my favorite sins, and I’m not wasting any time.

    Our only hope lies in electing burners to the city council, an effort I support with ALL of my appendages.

  16. Shame about Drucker, but he had a good run (95 years, I think). Skip reading the latest fad business book (i.e., “The One-Bullet Manager”) and read his stuff. It’s timeless and actually contains real insights into business, as opposed to glib, ephemeral theories.

  17. The Singing Bass Wall Plaque

    Sort of on-topic, but off-topic at the same time:

    When I was a security guard at a prominent art institution in Cleveland a few years back, one of the guys on our safety services team had “Billy Bass: The Singing Bass Wall Plaque” in the men’s locker room. I know this because at least on one occasion, The Singing Bass made its singing debut over all of the security radios in the museum. Needless to say, I thought that was hilarious. The heads of security were not amused, of course.

  18. Pro Libertate,

    Oh yes, definately a life to be admired for its richness. Interestingly I started reading Drucker after I saw the movie Barcelona.

  19. Kinda like Shriners, it sounds like. I wonder if there’s anything like funny hats or cars that goes along with it.

  20. Actually, this doesn’t sound too awful. Ideology, of course, demands that I not agree with everything, but as someone from a farm family it’s nice to know that some organization out there is supporting SOME sustainable and economically feasible alternatives to the subsidized nanny state. I’ve always like Noveselic anyway. I appreciate any celebrity who can so (apparently) gratefully slip out of the limelight.

    Re: Jello Biafra. I read on allmusic last night that he came in fourth on that election.

  21. smacky, you were a security guard at the CMA?

  22. The Grange is definitely Masonically influenced… my Lodge at one point had a member who was also active in Grange. From time to time he would deliver a ritual part, stop, say “Oh, shit, that’s Grange ritual,” and do the proper Masonic part.

    Of course, pretty much every fraternal-type society borrows (if indirectly) liberally from the Craft.

  23. Of course, pretty much every fraternal-type society borrows (if indirectly) liberally from the Craft.

    And pretty much every fraternal-type society serves snacks made by Kraft. Hmmm.

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