Dracula Has Risen from the Grave—Why Can't You?


Franklin Foer on Judith Miller:

The simple fact about Miller is that you can't stop her, you can't even hope to contain her. It's the exact reason you can't negotiate with a crazed dictator: Miller doesn't play by the same rules or operate under the same set of mores as the rest of us. She overflows with so much gumption and so much ambition that she will always claw her way back from whatever Elba-like bureaucratic beat the editors consign her to, back into the limelight. You will always live in fear of her breaking agreements and finding new, creative ways to burn you. Removing her from the building was Keller's only sane option….

Now that Miller has left 43rd Street, she will surely continue to embarrass the paper. She still apparently has powerful friends in New York. It's easy to imagine her worming her way back into Charlie Rose's chair, commenting on this and that.

Hey, if Ahmed Chalabi can stage a comeback, there's no reason his American representative can't pull it off too. The good news: If she follows Foer's scenario and chooses the Charlie Rose show as her return route to stardom, she won't be able to get a word in edgewise once she gets there.