Some Drank All. All Drank Some. (Attn: DC-area Hit & Runners)


Here's the skinny on the event that H&R stalwart Thoreau has put together for this Saturday in Bethesda. All typos his.

Reason takes no responsibility for the merriment that may or may not be had, any fallout from any such merriment (or lack thereof), etc., etc. etc. (cue Yul Brynner).

When: Saturday, November 12, 6:30 pm until ?

Where: Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery, 7900 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

Who: H&R posters, lurkers, flamers, and occasional readers, as well as their spouses, significant others, partners in relationships that may or may not be sanctioned by the state, friends, roommates, random strangers, etc. (Which is libertarian speak for "Anybody reading this and whoever they want to bring.)

This event was designed (hopefully intelligently) by thoreau and Mr. Nice Guy. Jennifer, Phil, crimethink, saw-whet, mk, and many others promise to be there.

What: Eat, drink, be merry, and argue over obscure points.

Why: Why not?

Various libertarian-oriented activities may or may not be going on during the day on Saturday. Consult thoreau and Mr. Nice Guy for details. If you own a gun, we can help you find a use for it. (At a shooting range, of course.) If you don't, but you contact us soon, we can take a couple of beginners with us. (Be prepared to spend $30 for range fees and beginner orientation.) No shooting after 4:20 pm.