How Tim Voted


As part of my ongoing personal full disclosure campaign, here is my complete ballot for California Special Election 2005:

Statewide initiatives:

Proposition 73: Parental Notification of Abortion: No
Proposition 74: Public School Teacher Tenure: Yes
Proposition 75: Union Dues for Political Purposes: Yes (I know, I've already said it's a bad proposal; but it seemed so certain to fail that I couldn't resist trying to make it a close vote and giving the finger to public employees. With early returns in, I appear to be losing that bet.)
Proposition 76: State Spending and School Funding Limits: Yes
Proposition 77: Redistricting: Yes
Proposition 78: Discounts on Prescription Drugs (Drug Companies' version): No
Proposition 79: Discounts on Prescription Drugs (Unions' version): No
Proposition 80: Electric Service Providers Regulation: No

Details on initiatives here.

San Francisco Initiatives:

Proposition A—Community College District General Obligation Bonds: No
Proposition B—Street and Sidewalk Improvement Bond: No
Proposition C—Ethics Commission Budget and Outside Counsel: No
Proposition D—Appointment of Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors: No
Proposition E—Election Date of the Assessor-Recorder and Public Defender: No
Proposition F—Neighborhood Firehouses: No
Proposition G—Access to Underground Parking at Golden Gate Park: No
Proposition H—Firearm Ban: No
Proposition I—No Military Recruiters in Public Schools, Scholarships for Education and Job Training: No

Details on initiatives here.

Candidates (All are ranked-choice votes that require you to give win, place, and show choices.)

1. Starchild
2. Randy Harris (my bartender)
3. Norman Maine
Same as above
City Attorney
Same as above

Almost-midnight update: I'm going to bed now, but it looks like all statewide measures are failing! Leaving aside for a moment how I feel about any individual measure, there's something beautiful about a row of big red Ns on any election result. They say the problem with libertarians is that they only know how to say No, but maybe the rest of the population is finally catching up.