25 Years Ago in Reason


"None of the arguments currently advanced in support of drug laws played more than a minor role in initiating prohibition. Prohibition was almost solely the result of antipathy towards specific groups–minorities–associated with drug use."

–Michael Monson, "The Dirty Little Secret Behind Our Drug Laws"

"The bobcat holds the distinction of having one governmental agency, The Endangered Species Scientific Authority, trying to protect it; while another, the Interior Department's Predator Control Program, is trying to kill it."

–Dick Bjornseth, "Sane Environmentalism"

"For eight years Republican presidents presided over, and in large part approved, massive increases in spending and regulation. And this year the Republicans advocate significant new government spending on defense and veterans' programs, rental housing construction, drug enforcements, transportation, an unemployment 'safety-net,' water projects, and the arts and humanities."

–Doug Bandow, "How Right Is Reagan?"

??? ?????????????–November 1980