One Reason to Welcome the Smoking Banification of America


Looking to start superficial conversations and hook up with complete strangers? Pray for a smoking ban! The Guardian reports:

Welcome to the practice of smirting (smoking and flirting), a craze which has swept Ireland since the introduction of the pub and restaurant smoking ban in January 2004. As it took hold, enterprising pubs and bars introduced outside areas for smokers to gather and with them came a more relaxed attitude to meeting people…

'It's brilliant,' says David Conlon, 24, of the ban's unexpected side-effect. 'You spend your time going in and out from the bars to the outside areas and that's a great way to get meeting people. There is definitely more pulling, just because you're inevitably chatting to way more girls during a night.

This increase in social smoking is one of the more worrying aspects of smirting… Many young Dubliners admit that they have increased their consumption of cigarettes because of the social benefits.

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