SarbOx at NYU


Man, my timing is off. At the end of my freshman year at NYU, they knocked down Loeb Student Center, and didn't manage to finish the big fancy high-tech gee-whiz replacement until after I'd graduated. Then last year, they launched the NYU Journal of Law and Liberty. But at least I get to partake virtually: They've got a blog, where they're currently hosting a symposium on Sarbanes-Oxley.

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  1. Huh, looks like you and I were at NYU at the same time. They took down Loeb in my junior year, I think.

  2. Gah, SOX compliance. I wasted weeks and weeks on that stupid thing earlier this year for my company. I think the procedure is going to have to change soon, because it was quite apparent that it was not written with a modern, largely digital company without a tangible product in mind. There were a ton of questions from the auditors to which I had to answer “Not applicable” and explain why. The ones that bugged me most, though, were the ones that began “Can you prove…” I wanted to yell, “NO! This is a computer! I can’t prove anything! I could have generated all these log files five minutes ago and forged the timestamps on them and there would be no way to tell!” I kept having to remind myself that I was thinking in scientific terms and they were thinking in bureaucrat terms, where “proving X” just meant “having a documented procedure for X”.

  3. JD:

    It is one of those things that if you haven’t seen it up close, it is difficult to imagine how horrible and resourse intensive it is. SOX is ghastly.

  4. Sarbanes is an evil man. I happen to know that he is in league with the Devil in his alternate strategy to conquer the world by boring the living shit out of us, then taking over while we’re napping.

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