Judging This Book by its Cover


Not long ago I highlighted Christopher Hitchens' "dubious … rhetorical achievement" of coining the term Islamo-fascism, which, I argued, was a

violate-Godwin's-Law-for-free card, which a grateful pro-war nation has embraced, providing yet more evidence that there is no Lefty rhetorical trope the Right will despise enough to avoid co-opting completely.

The fruit of his labors? This book.

I wonder if Amazon has a computer program, so that when a political hatchet-job title first gets leaked it automatically generates its reverse & spits it out in an e-mail to the relevant partisan publisher. What brave hack will now write Conservative Communism: The Totalitarian Temptation From Adolph Hitler to George W. Bush?

UPDATE: Commenters point out that the better alternative-universe title would substitute Stalin for Hitler. Or maybe one of those smaller-country inter-war totalitarians … nominations welcome.