Baseball Non-Sequituring Political Metaphor of the Week


Forgive me Father for I am linking to Hugh Hewitt writing about George Will, but this bit was too weird to pass up:

I joke[d] with Dennis Prager a week ago that George Will's instant rejection of Miers was part of "baseball envy" on Will's part. I am not sure who knows more –really knows– about the game, Bush or Will?

But I don't think W ever second guessed his manager when, in the top of the sixth, the manager made a decision the owner found inscrutable.

That's the difference between an owner and a sportswriter. One lives to win. The other lives to write good copy.

I knew the conservative crack-up would be entertaining; I just didn't count on the surrealism.

Link via Andrew Sullivan; my take on Bush v. Gore in the 2000 World Series here.

NEXT: Because Maybe it's Not Good to Head the Judicial With Someone Paid to Help the Executive Get Away With it?

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  1. George Will, have you ever actually played baseball?

    “Well if by play, you mean to experience the aura of the game’s majesty, I…”

    Throw the ball George! Throw the ball!

    (With apologies to Dana Carvey and John Lovitz for any misquotes)

  2. “Link via Andrew Sullivan;”

    I must say, I deeply appreciate this sort of accoutrement in a blog post. It is of immeasurable value. Surely I’m not the only one who basks in the enlightenment that comes with knowing on which blog a blogger happened to find the link to the blog whose work he is actually discussing.

    Please… more. I ask of you — nay, I beg! Let every post on Hit & Run be painted with the glorious hues of citations to third-party intermediaries!

  3. Andrew Sullivan, he’s sooo 2003.

  4. Several people whom I like and respect speak (spoke?) highly of Hewitt’s show and of him as a thoughtful pundit.

    I just couldn’t believe Patt Morrison’s old straight man could be the man they talked about. And after trying to listen to him a few times, I still didn’t get it. To me he just seemed like a right-wing NPR host, too partisan to take seriously, too dull to be entertaining

    So I put him out of my mind until he sprang up as Harriet Miers’ most passionate defender, and I have to say he seems even less thoughtful, more partisan and hypocritical than even I recalled.

    And I still can’t figure out why some of my friends thought

  5. my take on Bush v. Gore in the 2000 World Series here

    Maybe an article from 2000 boldly calling out George Will for “neo-conservative BS” isn’t the kind of thing one should link to proudly. Talk about pulling a reverse-Nostradamus.

  6. foo — I’m a warts-and-all type of fellow. Would love to know in retrospect what I meant, though.

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