A Cult Named Sue


The awful Church of Scientology (which sends my house two or three of the most indecipherable space-monster pamphlets a week, thinking wrongly that some defector named "Larry" still lives here), is threatening a trademark-infringement lawsuit against a New Zealand parody site called www.ScienTOMogy.info, which, as you might imagine, takes the piss out of Tom Cruise's pimping for the clam-hating cult. Buried near the bottom of the L.A. Times story is this bit of news about www.truthaboutscientology.com publisher Kristi Wachter, who successfully fought off similar threats four years ago:

a few weeks ago, [Wachter] said, her Web host was forced to temporarily remove more than 600 pages from her site after Scientology lawyers accused her of copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Act.

Link via L.A. Observed.