Me and You and a Dog Named Glue


If you have a meth-like addiction to hear me talk about meth, then run don't walk to the Wisconsin Public Radio site for the Joy Cardin show, where you can listen to the show that aired this morning.[*]

I can highly recommend Joy's show–and not simply because she's been good to Reason over the years. It's one of the widest-ranging, most interesting talk shows on the dial and the 'Net.

[*] Added to clarify time of show.

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  1. run to catch the show that the scheulde says is on from 6am to 9am?

    how about H&R add EST or PST to the time tags in postings, and make it clear in the posts themselves?

  2. For Program On: Tuesday, October 18, 2005 at 7:00 AM Some say methamphetamine (METH-am-FETT-uh-mean) abuse is approaching epidemic levels.

    The webmaster appears to be hooked on phonics, which may be more dangerous than even meth.

  3. Uhh – * …it appears to be taped, 43min 19sec.

  4. Pretty interesting segment. I found it curious that none of the callers would address you directly, Nick. They spoke directly to Joy and only referred to you as “the guest”. Also, 2 officers from the same department in under 45 minutes?

    Your discussion of “template” articles was telling and I couldn’t help envisioning the editor of Newsweek sitting behind his desk with a copy of “Madlibs: Drug Hysteria Edition”.

  5. At least the last caller got it. She pointed out that only Nick even had sources for his figures.

    It’s also very telling that the law enforcement guys couldn’t get past the bullshit, even when it slapped them in the face. The “internet predator” cop hadn’t even realised that he’d be duped by the hype.

    Finally, I know someone took me to task in the past when I said most cops have an attitude because they’re used to dealing with low-lifes and scumbags, so assume most folks to also be low-lifes and scumbags. The fact that they (the cops calling in) couldn’t get past the anecdotal evidence of their own experience busting meth, when they are drug enforcement cops, is very interesting.

  6. nick needs his own show.

    has reason ever considered doing a podcast?

  7. I second that emotion, dhex. That was my first time hearing Nick and he was really impressive. I think I love him.

  8. Nick’s always good… He’s especially good with bad callers…

    There was a guy yesterday who wanted Nick to comment on why the mainstream media hadn’t reported on a story he’d heard over his short wave radio–that the government set off explosives in the basement of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Nick actually pulled something interesting out of that.

    …He did the same thing on this broadcast with the guy that claimed the CIA was in bed with the mafia and implied that they were both using Drug War laws to beef up their profits. I don’t think I’d find anything interesting to say in response to that. …at least, not in real time. …but Nick did.

    Yeah, Nick’s good on air, but don’t tell him. …If Nick had his own show, it might be at the expense of Reasonoids and Hit & Runners.

  9. Many diehard Star Wars fans out there are hooked on boba-phetamine.

  10. I wish they’d have these things in a Media Player format..I despise Real Player and simply won’t download it.

  11. Since when does Reason shill for publicly financed radio? For shame!

  12. dammit. that song was in my head over the weekend (met a beagle puppy named “blue” for that exact reason). now it’s back

    “this little light of mine/ i’m gonna let it shine”


  13. drf: The only way to get a song unstuck from your head is to get another one in there instead.

    Even better if it’s from approximately the same era.

    PS: I am, I said. I am, I cried. And no one said a word at all. Not even the chair. Or something like that.

  14. “someone left the cake out in the rain”???

    seeing the Cards-Sox in the WS would be the best thing. IMO, it’s the best baseball out there… Would still that my cubbies were there. but the quality of baseball played by both teams is fantastic. good luck tonight!

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