The Method to Meth Madness


Over the weekend, I talked on NPR's "On the Media" program about the supposed meth epidemic now ripping through the country's heartland like, well, the last meth epidemic.

Listen here (scroll down) as I talk about tired old "the new drug of choice story" and give a shout-out to Reason's Jacob Sullum among other rare journalists who actually write credibly on drugs and the drug war.

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  1. I think the real reason Meth is so pervasive (that part’s true) is supply. Unlike pot (mostly), heroin and cocaine, it isn’t imported. It’s made right where the demand is, and while it isn’t exactly simple, people who couldn’t even get thru the pre-reqs for chemistry seem to learn the process with ease.

    While I’m not sure why people in f’d up situations would wan’t such a powerful upper, you’re not going to find many things that will get you high for 12 hours at $25 a pop.

  2. i like the part where the host goes “i know you’re a libertarian magazine, and you want the government off our backs…” rather than just saying “i know you’re one of those crazy fucknutted tinfoil hat people…”

  3. I don’t know about imported weed, cause i’m fairly sure alot of people grow themselves, and then sell it. Why import stuff through 12 middle men, when one guy can grow and another can sell?

    Not that i’ve done it, but being a college student, its not terribly hard to see whats up.

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