Friday Fun Link For Now, But In Nine Months Your Whole Life Will Change


Reporters have been rummaging through Percy Skuy's collection of "bizarre, and often totally misguided" contraceptives. In the meantime, Skuy's artifacts have been an inspiration to his wife:

As a gesture to conclude the evening, Percy presented me with a "Cup of Roots," crafted by his ceramicist wife Elsa, embodying…several different forms of contraception, from antiquity to recent times. Mounted on one side is a crocodile, representing crocodile dung used in ancient Egypt as a vaginal suppository with spermicidal effect. On the other side of the cup are two rings: the Grafenberg ring, the first modern IUD introduced in 1926 by Dr. Ernst Grafenberg, and a contemporary vaginal contraceptive ring, like Organon's NuvaRing (etonogestrel and ethinyl estradiol ring). The stem of the cup is shaped like a dried beaver testicle, which was steeped in alcohol and the resulting brew consumed for its contraceptive qualities by women in New Brunswick, Canada. The base of the cup is shaped in the form of an Ortho DIALPAK tablet dispenser, adopted in 1962 by Ortho Pharmaceutical for its first oral contraceptive, Ortho-Novum.

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  1. They should ad a bust of Bea Arthur. My naked photo of her works every time.

  2. The one I remember from my teenage years was Coke.

    No, not coke. As in right after doing it open a bottle of Coca Cola (TM), put your thumb over the opening, shake well, and then insert the neck of the bottle in the vagina.

    It was probably more successful as a “Why you shouldn’t drink that stuff” warning than a spermicidal douche.

  3. Larry A: You have a vagina?

  4. It’s a rare artist indeed who can craft a likeness of a dried beaver testicle (oxymoron?) without a suitable model.

  5. Why would “dried beaver testicle” be an oxymoron?

  6. “Larry A: You have a vagina?”

    What kind of pickup line is that, Stevo?

    The urban legend I remember about Coke made it far easier to administer: Just take a couple of aspirins and wash them down (the esophagus) with Coke. This would be assuming you have a vagina.

  7. SR,
    B.P. must be thinking: “dried beaver/testicle”
    In other words, an androgynous rodent.

  8. “Larry A: You have a vagina?”

    What kind of pickup line is that, Stevo?

    Merely scientific/medical curiosity, Ruthless.

  9. Nah — I learned at a very young age that a beaver is part of the female human anatomy, and thus would not have testicles (unless it was on one of those weird Brazilian prostitutes or something).

    And yes, like Julian Sanchez, I fully admit to having the humor threshold of a five-year-old.

  10. “dried beaver/testicle”
    Or maybe the taxidermied privates of an hermaphrodyte?

  11. Yeah Case! Way to land the Friday fun link!

  12. “No Vagina,”
    If you ever get to an H&R’er meetup, are you gonna say to the first cutie who strikes your fancy: You got one?

    I’m not ridiculing here. Merely trying to learn.
    I mean, after “The Crying Game,” a guy can’t be too careful.

  13. The Penal Dialogue —

    I’ve already been to an H&R meetup and will probably go to more, but I don’t hit on the cuties there, as I am too shy in person, and it would also make me more obnoxious than I already am. Pleasant conversation over a pleasant beverage will serve me fine.

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