Gillespie on C-SPAN, Saturday, 9AM-10AM ET


To all the ships at sea, I'll be yammering away tomorrow on C-SPAN's Washington Journal from 9AM-10AM ET.

Among other things, we'll discuss the new November ish of Reason. If you're a subscriber, you've gotten it by now. If you are a Free Minds, Free Markets, Free Web Site sort of libertarian, you won't see it online for another month.

For a preview, go here and see what you're missing for a lousy $20 a year that helps underwrite the production of Reason Online as well as the mag itself–and keeps all staff pets rolling in IAMS to boot.

Go here to get a deal on Choice: The Best of Reason and a sub.

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  1. IAMS? Well, how snooty is that? No wonder the subscriptions are so expensive.

    My late cat, Buford, lived to 25 eating nothing but Friskies, 9-Lives, Alpo, whichever was cheaper or on sale, and the occasional treats of raw hamburger and pieces of BK Whoppers. None of that elitist chow for her!

    Bet you could lower the subscription cost at least .01-.02 going to a more populist pet food.

  2. According to the Graphical User Interface of my local cable operator (NoVa’s Comcast), C-SPAN will be running “25 Years of C-SPAN Call-Ins” tomorrow morning (the only listing for Washington Journal is Fridays from 7-10 AM).

    I’ll leave it to persons funnier than I to make quips about watching C-SPAN re-runs…

  3. The cover: let’s talk about the covers. Who designs the covers, Nick’s niece with her multicolored crayons? Not the greatest choice of pictures either. Those pictures of Salman Rushdie (Aug/Sept)and Milton Friedman (Oct)were downright scarey. They’re certainly not designed to increase market share, grabbing the casual bookstore browser at lunchtime: “Oh, I think I’ll just reach over ‘Reason’ for the latest issue of ‘Colostomy Today’ THAT has a more appealing cover.”

  4. it’s even cheaper if you go to

    The price fluctuates, but I got my subscription for $5.95. I hope they aren’t ripping off Reason somehow. I’d feel bad. Okay, not really, but I’d think about feeling bad for a little while.

  5. Do well Nick. Otherwise they will put you on C-Span 2. I call it “The Deuce”.

    The Deuce is for subjects too boring for C-Span.

    You were great on Dennis Miller. Why did that get canned? I thought it was a great show.

  6. we should all pitch in and give joe a subscription…just for the kicks of him having to explain it any guests he might have over.

    I have also thought of putting issues at my counties waiting area. (They got US news and some hunting and fishing mag with there subscribers names cut out), but the ads with the pot symbols in them will probabaly just get it thrown away.

  7. What?!? Nick is a greek?!?

    Thats it, I’m cancelling my subscription to Reason. 🙂

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