Subterranean Rotation of Federalist Authors Slows Slightly


Via James Joyner, Delaware's Supreme Court has ruled that a blogger who attacked a local pol was engaged in protected anonymous political speech—and that the Internet Service Provider need not disclose the blogger's identity in the absence of a prima facie showing that the blog was defamatory—reversing a lower court's holding.

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  1. So apparently we’re allowed to anonymously criticize public figures in Delaware…Let’s all move to Delaware.

  2. If I’m thinking of the correct local politicians( Though I live on lower Delmarva, so i’m not completely up on the Delaware happenins), this is concerning the councilman who has been assualted numerous times by the mayor( or maybe it was the other way around), they have public fights,tried to run each over in their front yards, have restraining orders,etc. Then newspaper owned blogs called the councilman gay, speculated about his sex life,etc. So yeah, Delaware is pretty exciting.

  3. Timothy,

    I think that the “criticism” part was not an issue, it was the whole calling him gay and speculating about sexual activities thing that led him to file a defamation suit.

  4. Kudos to Julian for a great post heading.

  5. Should all gays be outed?

  6. So yeah, Delaware is pretty exciting.

    Yeah, with beaches and no sales tax! I still wish the Free State Project had selected it.

  7. -They still have that 55 mph speed limit in Delaware?

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