Thirty Years Ago in Reason


"The FBI and CIA still spy and keep secret files on U.S. citizens. The IRS still harasses citizens. Since the Bank Secrecy Act of 1973 requires your bank to microfilm all of your checks and hold these records for six years, the state can get intimate details of your life from a study of your checking account. The state has already given you an I.D. number…and–as the Watergate incident has shown–doesn't hesitate to place you under both physical and electronic surveillance. Welcome to 1984!"

–Morgan Norval, "Why We Need Guns"

"Every country and every people should be allowed to work out their own destiny without interference and meddling by the government of the United States. Not only is this the moral stand to take, but in the last analysis, they will work out their destiny regardless of what we do."

–Murray Rothbard, "The Reign of Dictatorships"

"Prostitution has always been therapeutic, and to say we as a society don't need this sort of therapy is to deny the existence of the 'illness'–the existence of sexual incompatibility between people."

–"Fighting Censorship for Profit: An Interview with Bob Guccione"

???????–October 1975