We Can Now Kiss Don Young's Ear!


The NY Times has a story about good ol' American outrage at the pork larded into the transportation bill and gives a shout out to Reason Online:

Some people in Alaska suggested [giving back] their share of the transportation bill, particularly $223 million to build a bridge from the city of Ketchikan to an island with barely 50 people. They started a Web site, americagivesback.org; held rallies; and waved around a symbolic check for hurricane relief in place of "two bridges to nowhere," a reference to two bridges for which Alaska received about a half-billion dollars in the spending bill.

The Heritage Foundation, which has long served as an intellectual font for influential Republicans, and its philosophical cousin, the libertarian magazine Reason Online, took up the same cry.

To which Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) responded:

"They can kiss my ear!" Mr. Young told a reporter from The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, when asked about the proposal of returning federal money. "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard," he added.

Whole Times thang here.

Reason's righteous anger on display here.