DC Reasonoids: Happy Hour Tonight at 6:30PM


Join the Reason staff tonight as we celebrate this very blog being named one of "five winning political blogs" in the current issue of Playboy. Bailey will be there, along with Managing Editor Jesse Walker, Assistant Editors Kerry Howley and Julian Sanchez, your humble narrator, and Senior Editor Brian Doherty (in from Los Angeles).

And then there's our special guest of honor, New York Times columnist–and longtime Reason reader–John Tierney (read our interview with him here).

Bonus: Also come meet Megan McArdle, Global Agenda Correspondent for The Economist and blogger extraordinaire–you know her as Jane Galt at Asymetrical Information. *

Where: Mackey's, 1823 L Street NW, Wash. D.C.
When: 6:30PM

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  1. If any DC Reasonoids can’t make this meeting, you can always hang with me on the weekend of the 15th instead. I’ll be in DC then and am looking for H&R/Reasonoid people to meet up with. So far, I have 4 interested. Email me for details (my email address is real, minus the “nospam.” part).(I know I probably won’t draw quite the crowd that that magazine staff will…).

  2. I hope we get an image or two from this get-together as well as smacky’s.

  3. Ruthless,

    If the response on this thread is any indication of the number of people attending my “gathering”, the images from my get-together might be blurry, out-of-focus pictures of me alone, slumped over my 7th drink, weeping. (In the background you may make out the silhouette of an agitated barkeep or two.) But don’t worry: I’ll still post them, either way.

  4. Aw, smacky … you know I’d attend if I could. But October is likely to be hellacious for me. September sure is. I can’t take off a weekend, let alone leave town.

    Hey … you’re just angling for some sympathy sex, aren’t you?


    By the way, have I mentioned how perfectly hellacious my September has been? And how October will probably be more of the same?

    It’s awful. It really is. I mean, really.

    Oh God! The pain!

  5. Rats, got stuck at work. Keep posting those happy hours, though, I swear I’ll make one of ’em. Smacky, I’m up for September, sent you an email.

  6. I mean, uh, the weekend of October 15. I need to go home and have my own happy hour now.

  7. Damn… Mackey’s is my favorite. Sorry to miss it. Hope everybody had a good time.

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